Saturday, March 10, 2012

DTLA Artwalk 3.8.2012

while we wait, why not 'draw something'?
img947 gotta start the night off by going to the toilet first
img946 artwalk, THAT way!
img967 we walk...
img951 and walk...
img948 got hungry, so we went to find food, why not some hugs as well?
img955 found some live demos
img956 img953 img950 back on the streets again
img949 then up some stairs
img968 paused to take a picture thru the 2nd floor window
img970 then back down the stairs again...
img971 of course.. some shopping!
img972 all fun nights must come to an end, heading back
img961 the lucky ones brought home some arts
img962 (1) and it's time to say goodbye!
img941 (1)

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